Upload Identification Documents

Please upload supporting documents whilst we process your registration form:

We require documents in colour from each section, one of which MUST be from section 1:

    • Current Valid Passport including passport front cover
    • Biometric Residency Permit (front and back)
    • Photo Card Driving License (Countries within the European Union)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Adoption Certificate
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    • Photo Card Driving License (All Countries outside European Union)
    • Driving License Paper Version (front and back)
    • HM Forces ID Card
    • Immigration Document
    • Firearms License
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    • Mortgage Statement (Issued in last 12 months)
    • Bank Statement (Issued in last 3 months)
    • 2nd Bank Statement (Must be from a different provider, issued in last 3 months)
    • Financial Statement (Pension, endowments, issued in last 12 months)
    • Council Tax Statements (Issued in last 12 months)
    • Utility Bill (Issued in last 3 months)
    • Document from Government Agency (Issued in last 3 months)
    • P45 / P60 (Issued in last 12 months)
    • Benefit Statement (Issued in last 3 months)
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  • ONE of the following:

    • Payslip (Issued in last 12 months)
    • National Insurance Card
    • P45 / P60
    • HMRC letter (Issued in last 12 months)
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    • DBS Certificate (all pages)
    • Passport style photo (against a white background)
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